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Project: Complete eCommerce Solution

Bodyline is one of the leading brands of Bangladesh in fashion for last 4 years. The task was to make a website that should be able to generate a much better conversion and gives the audience a modern site experience. The work stared the approval of the initial design done by XENON Advertising and building the site based on WordPress. At the end of the project the site was able to reduce the server load by 80% and draw audience around 20% higher rate. The conversion improved surprising 52% and at the end of first month the sales increased about 23% so did the monthly revenue.


Tag: eCommerce, Branding, Social Media, Site Maintain

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World Craniofacial Foundation | Texas

Project: Re-Branding, Website

The World Craniofacial Foundation is healing children's face since 1989. Craniofacial surgeon pioneer Dr. Kenneth Salyer M.D. started this organization in the early 1989. Since then they are helping poor children having an abnormal face. The first website the organization had was designed and developed by an agency from Texas. The organization required a new, fresh and modern website for their foundation so the patients and the donors can engage through the site. We integrated a complex online donation system that works with worlds most popular payment system paypal and can take donation from all major credit and debit cards.


Tag: PayPal Integration, Re-Branding, Payment Gateway, Site Maintain

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MiEnergy | Canada

Project: Building Sophisticated cost estimator

Canada's energy company from Saskatchewan required a sophisticated cost  calculator or their customers so they can have an estimate for a certain period of time using solar. Along with that the price would be comparable with the current non-solar(Typical Fossil Fuel) cost that they are using. We built a web app that is able to calculate the accurate estimate for the 1-30 years of solar and can compare that with the current non-solar cost. It calculates over 50 power distributor companies in Canada and more than 20 cities environmental facts to give the estimated cost. This web app is so versatile that it gives the calculation for any given data in less then 10 milliseconds.


Tag: PayPal Integration, Re-Branding, Payment Gateway, Site Maintain

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American Capital | Florida

Project: Web Conversion, Rebuild website

Florida's leading financial company American Capital Financial Group required a better conversion to their newly designed website. At the beginning the site used to have 15000 monthly view on average. Our task was to make its double by fixing the website and adding a proper blog section. When We started working on the site we encountered a major problem with the structure that it already had. We approached to ACF for the permission to change the the entire structure that will help them get more engagements. Luckily they signed a new contract with us to rebuilt their website for a better suit to their clients.


Tag: Conversion Generation, Financial, Site architecture, Site Optimization

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TAME Dance | Miami

Project: Site Reformation, Web Marketing

Talton Art Movement Education is one of the largest dance academy in South Florida. In the late 2015 they worked with a local company that designed their official website which on the beginning working fine, but stared problem lately. The academy was planning for a campaign on social media and the web about their upcoming event. XENON Advertising helped TAME to opt. more than 25000 email address who were actually interested in the event from throughout the United States. From that campaign the academy also achieved 124303 fresh website visitor in that month.


Tag: Web Marketing, Online Campaign, Email Opt-in, Digital Advertisement

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Air-Tech Documentation | UK

Project: Brand Design

UK based Air force data documentation company stared in 2014 needed a brand strategy and brand design for their new company. The parent company Technical Documentation World worked with XENON Advertising before about the social campaign as a positive result the company  reengaged with us on this contract. XENON Advertising offered them five different brand guideline and after discussion both party settled with the current guideline.


Tag: Brand Strategy, Brand Guideline, Brand-identity, logo design

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SaltWater -Tredition Plus

Project: Brand Identity Design

XENON Advertising always loves to takes challenge and this particular project was consequently challenging because this design does not follows the general rules of traditional design. Our team was very excited to be involved in this project – a brand new logo for the Saltwater. A logo that is funky and eye catchy at the same time. No only that, the logo should be functional as well. When we came up with this design they liked at the first place and finilized the design. This is one project with the end result is something we’re really proud of.


Tag: Brand Strategy, Brand Guideline, Brand-identity, logo design

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Project: eCommerce Solution

For the first time in Bangladesh Tuki-Taki came up with the idea to sell paintings and handcrafted materials to public through eCommerce. XENON Advertising is one of the proud member to make that plan come to life. XENON initiated the process by approaching the tukitaki which that time use to sell handmade jewellery through facebook. The plan was to make possible the system so anyone can sell their paintings, photo, handcrafted wooden products online. Anyone can create an account with their facebook account. So there is no hassle to create account we usually do.


Tag: facebook login, Selling Point, Sell online, eCoomerce

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Project: eCommerce Solution

eCommerce in Bangladesh was not a famous sector, because the idea was so uncommon that people used to think this is never going to happen in Bangladesh. Notunotto is one of the pioneer in eCommerce that came the market in eCommerce before offline. Notunnotto approached XENON Advertising to make them an ecommerce where people can buy stuffs online without even logging in so people can have easier checkout experience.


Tag: Branding, Web Design, UI Design, User Experience

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CanYa | Adelaide

Project: App Landing Page

CanYa, the most popular service exchange app in Adelaide and Darwin of Australia. The app startup was was in the mid 2015 and the company asked XENON Advertising to make a landing page for the freshly prepared app so people can download and use it in both iOS and Android devices. The site is versatile and  able to engage people to interect wih service provider and service takers. It has built in payment and chatting option. Most importantly the site is able to detect the device platform and automatically connects to either Play Store or the App Store respectively.


Tag: Landing Page, App, UI Design, App Integration

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